What to look for when choosing a removal company

Moving house can be quite overwhelming. To many people, it’s on top of the list of life’s most stressful house tasks. With plenty of items to pack, many of us get stuck organizing or even knowing where to start. That’s where a professional removalists company comes in. however, there are a few things you should look out for when choosing a removal company.

Below are our top selections:

  1. Check their feedback

Firstly, you want to check unbiased reviews from past customers of the moving company. By reading these customer reviews, you can be sure that the removalists team will provide great services.

  1. Plan Ahead

Get in touch with your moving company and be sure to book earlier. Give yourself enough time for proper planning so you don’t get frustrated.

  1. Check insurance details

Be sure to ask all potential removal company questions about the insurance policy they offer. Check if the removalists team has adequate insurance cover for your items (and some special packing). Also, ask the time limit or period the insurance is valid.

  1. Packing boxes and extras

Ask questions if they provide boxes to be sure you are in safe hands. In addition to guaranteeing your items are professionally handled, lending packing boxes will save you cost. So, it’s worth asking about.

  1. Do they offer additional services or benefits?

Examples are packing & unpacking, furniture assembly & disassembly, and more.

  1. Vehicles

Be sure to ask what vehicles they have and if the sizes will be appropriate for your items.