Moving Home? Here Are Top 10 Tips for a Seamless Process

Moving home happens in each of our lives – whether often or for the first time in a long time. And one thing we all can agree on is that it’s most times unpleasant and stressful. However, it usually leads to a beautiful result.

Fortunately, while moving home can be quite intimidating, there are certain tried-and-true tips to make the removal process seamless. When you follow these tips, they can help you pack and unpack faster, save you time, and in the long run, ensure everything’s in order.

While different people will have varying moving needs, this top tips for moving home will help.

10 Tops Tips for Moving Home

Try our top 10 moving tips for yourself and be even more creative with your next move.

  1. Pick a removal company early.
  2. Declutter and pack as far in advance as possible.
  3. Have an essential bag on hand for when you arrive at the new house.
  4. Clearly label every box or bag.
  5. Redirect your post and get gas and electric readings before you leave. Be sure to do the same at the new property.
  6. Keep kids and pets away while the removal is going on.
  7. Use the correct size boxes and put the heavier items at the bottom. Additionally,  don’t leave empty space in boxes that will be stacked.
  8. Disassemble any beds or furniture in advance.
  9. Defrost and empty any fridge freezers, and have cooler bags ready.
  10. Take a picture or label wires for TV, sky computers, etc